Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The fence for the dogs was finally started yesterday. Not bad after six weeks of intense pressure. The posts and rails are in; the fabric will be installed... sometime.

It seems the Sodus Point Code allows a fence up to three feet high to be installed without a permit. Anything higher goes through the Planning Board, which might be a 30-day adventure, or all summer. As neither poodle can stand up higher than 18", and the cocker spaniel can't fly over 36", we opted for the little fence.

We had rigged a couple of different-sized dog exercise pens up against the house around the side door to boot them out for a break. It worked really well!

However, the other system devised to keep them with us (and quiet) wasn't as successful.

Seeing the framework up and ready for fabric was encouraging. Post holes were dug by hand, through sand and lots of rocks.

Here's hoping it will be finished by Friday. Please - not another wet weekend trying to walk three dogs who don't understand "leash and harness" or walking together!

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