Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Sunday was a ten-heron day around the Bay, with the tenth quite probably being a Black-crowned Night-Heron  (my first!). It was sitting on the far Coast Guard dock after sunset - too dark for a photo. It jumped down into the water, but flew back to the dock as I approached.  Short, stocky with yellow legs, a dark patch on top of its head and a really thick, short bill. I thought it was a seagull at first, because of the colors - gray, white and black. Thrilling! 

Here's a Great Blue Heron captured by Judy with the Canon on North Huron Road. We also found some Ducks That Were Not Mallards, but couldn't get a good-enough view to ID.

The view from North Huron Road, East of East Bay, looking East. Judy's, with the Canon.

Turtle Line-up on East Bay Road

Great Blue Heron from Lake Bluff Road

Great Blue Heron fishing at Sawmill Cove, Shaker Tract Road

Gaggles of Geese at Shaker Tract Road