Sunday, February 12, 2012


It's a day trip this weekend. Lots to do at home, and there's a possibility of lake-effect snow in which we'd love to be trapped, but need to be more prepared. About 25 degrees out, with a wind out of the north at about 25 MPH, gusting higher. Blowing snow and sand, Sodus Point was almost deserted. Perfect.

A ride around the Loop revealed some ducks on the South side close to the village. Who knows where the rest are. I liked this view because of the flat ground, the single dark tree, the open water and Charles Point beyond. That's blowing snow and spray over the water.

From the $299,000 lot at the end of the Loop. Cool frozen spray.

These long rollers were coming in all the way past 5th Street, maybe even to the docks. I've never seen rollers come that far, or whitecaps right up to the edge.

Some great rollers on the Lake.

Shipwreck?  A's been watching the one on the left for weeks. It finally started rolling in the waves yesterday, but we weren't ready to go down and get it.

Ducks on a roller coaster in the channel.

A calls it Upstate Coral.

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