Sunday, June 5, 2011


I haven't regularly walked further than the end of the driveway to pick up the toter in a while. That's what computer work does - keeps you conveniently tied to a keyboard. And the Internet makes it so easy to research, work, shop and order food. Cable TV keeps the world's happenings in front of you all day and night. What more could anyone want or need?

I wanted and needed the water. A month after making it a reality, suddenly we walk. We walk the dogs, we walk ourselves. We go stand at the edge of the Lake, and the Bay. Lake Ontario and Sodus Bay. I capitalize to show proper reverence. We watch fog roll in, moving up the street, then back out to the water. It's fascinating. Feels like the temperature drops 10 degrees every time the fog comes in.

And there are bunnies. Bunnies here, bunnies there, bunnies everywhere. We saw a bunny in the front yard the first time we looked at this place. It's possible the bunny had the final say in picking this one.

Since we've been here, there has been at least one bunny every day. Usually, more - along with chipmunks, Northern Flickers, huge robins, a fox and our very own eagle flying just over the trees. There are geese - with babies, swans, sometimes with babies, and ducks - and a blue heron the other night. I can't take pictures fast enough.

The lighthouse, possibly photographed more than anything in Wayne County, is still breathtaking in all the different scenes. Light, dark, stormy, glass-flat, foggy and clear as a bell - I've seen so many pictures of the lighthouse you'd think there wasn't another angle possible. And yet, every time I see it, it looks new and interesting, and different from any other moment.

I wanted a place to keep these pictures and memories as they happen, so here is the Bunnyhaven blog. Hope you enjoy it.

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